A rolling stone gathers no moss…


Been in KC since yesterday. Travelled all night from Green Bay and it was one of the best rides of my life. The totally free feeling of traveling on the tour bus is pretty unique. Looking out at the stars as we drove through northern Wisconsin was indescribable. 

Caught a ball game at Kaufman Stadium in the afternoon yesterday. 

The home team got blown out by the visiting Red Sox 12-0. I was asked not to return to any KC ball games because I’m apparently bad luck. 


Arrowhead Stadium

Today we are back to work, doing prep work for the Rolling Stones show. We are making food for the steel workers who are building the stage. So we are making a lot of food. Those boys can eat! 

This weekend we are catering for the crew and Saturday night is the show. To say I’m excited about watching the Rolling Stones from backstage is a bit of an understatement. Updates to follow! 

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